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Holland Family History

  Postbox 15, 8414 ZK, Nieuwehorne
  The Netherlands (fax:+ 31 513 541114)
  On these pages you will find information about the opportunity we can offer you for Family research in the archives of The Netherlands.

Do you want to know about your Dutch roots? Get in touch with us!


If it is certain that your ancestors are of Dutch origin it is possible to create a Family tree back till about 1780. All the males in a direct line will be included, with a copy of a surname registration document (1811 or 1812), if available. If you like we can go further back in time.


PediGree is a more intensive way of investigating the Family tree. Including not only male but also female ancestors. Back to about 1780 in the standard PediGree. Remarkable Family relations are sometimes brought to light through this, and you get insight into their social circumstances. If you like we can go further back in time.

Family Book

The results of our research are published in a unique document that is put on your name. We start with the person you like, as long as the information has to be found in Dutch archives. So it is a unique document for each Family. At the Holland Family History pages you can see an example of the outside of the document and a short table of contents. It is in European A4, this is (HxW) 29,7 cm x 21 cm


On the server in The Netherlands you find an overview of Families that we have researched. To the Homepage of Holland Family History.

Last update on December 14, 1998.